Established in 1945

リアル化學株式會社 is a brand of luxurious salon products from Japan. The President Dr. Iwasaki who specialized in Chemical Engineering, has deeply comprehend that as a conscientious enterprise, making high quality products is the top priority. Beauty is not only for people but also for the Earth, which is the principle of enterprise. The company insists on developing healthy and high quality products with natural ingredients and avoids using chemical materials. It is also particular about using environment-friendly materials for packaging, and pioneered on using solar panel factory with low carbon, which obviously proved that the brand makes efforts in minimum damage to environment from research and development to manufacture. All the operation principles coincide with HAPPYHAIR, which is main reason of HAPPYHAIR to act as an agent for Real. We unanimously conclude that a professional hair product must be with fully high quality, which is able to bring perfect repair of style, quality and color.

The most representative product is Botanical Color that extracts from 100% natural botanical composition, which not only can maintain and cure hair condition, but also brighten dyed hair to visualize flawless luster. Botanical Color builds a new conception of hair treatment which combines with four emphases on moist, soft, elasticity and light for making resistant hair to each consumer.