Established in 2004

EMMEDICIOTTO is an Italian brand that specifically concentrates on research and development of professional hair products, which has been marketed around 23 countries, and picked Taiwanese market up to be the first marketing channel in Asia, and the most exquisite chain salon, HAPPYHAIR, has been assigned to be starting point of launch. Mr. Mauro Sopranzetti, a founder of EMMEDICIOTTO and global creative director, has started designer career at age 18. He had been an art director of international and professional brand of hair products in the past 25 years. He is proficient in hair and facial care, and he has realized that there are different needs in each country by traveling in numerous fashionable cities, which have increased his extraordinary experience and know-how, and therefore he has created a series of professional hair products that are able to solve different kinds of hair problems.  In order to emphasize characteristic of each product, EMMEDICIOTTO uses different numbers and colors to match up, which can not only make communication more easily between designers and customers, but also express natural health of personal taste and image by taking care skin and hair carefully in every single day. Taking good care of hair is same as taking good care of skin that is the beautiful philosophy of EMMEDICIOTTO.