Established June 2002

Aphrodite Medical Group established its first clinic, Aphrodite Fashion clinic, in June 2002. The professional team of medical specialists consists of former members of the medical staff of Chang Gung Hospital and Mackay Memorial Hospital, and are committed to providing professional medical care and superior services. The Group’s medical service package consists of plastic surgery, optical injection, treatment of skin conditions, hair transplantation, and medical cosmetics. Through their professional expertise in the fields of plastic surgery and skin treatment, the team has established a competitive advantage and possesses the ability to provide a complete medical service package. In July 2009, Aphrodite Fashion clinic established a partnership with Taichung cosmetic Center Clinic. Aphrodite Medical Group currently operates five clinics:Aphrodite Fashion Clinic, Aphrodite Ritz Clinic, Aphrodite Beauty Clinic, and Taichung cosmetic Center Clinic. These clinics provide professional medical cosmetic services in the two metropolitan centers, Taichung and Taipei. The Aphrodite medical team not only utilizes superior medical technology, but also strives for constant innovations to provide even higher quality services for their customers. They also actively participate in social welfare activities such as the provision of free medical services and environmental campaigns to make a contribution to the creation of a perfect living environment.