AG Professional Exchange

Happyhair has always believed in the importance of both stylish design and healthy scalps, working hard to provide the best in professional hair care. We had the pleasure of hosting Seeger Cheng, AG’s Director of Research & Development and Quality Control here in Taiwan, to share his experiences with product design and ingredients. Armed with this first-hand information, our stylists are better prepared to select the best products for their customers.

AG has followed its 3 founding pillars since 1989. First and foremost: AG makes products that work. Founder John Davis was once a stylist in England, and clearly understands the importance of designing products for different customer needs. The only way to ensure product quality and efficacy of ingredients is to make your own products – something increasingly rare in the world of professional hair care. It’s an expensive and time-consuming process, but it’s how AG has chosen to guarantee that only the safest and effective ingredients make it into each bottle. Director Cheng shared the 10-year development process for the Reconstruct Mask, and the many stages of testing for every product before it goes to market – no wonder they’re all so well-received!

We learned a lot of in-depth information about products, helping us understand why AG’s products work so effectively. For example, many hair products use Argan Oil, but there are in fact many grades available on the market – AG specifically chooses a certain type for use in “The Oil” due to its smaller molecular composition, allowing for better absorption and anti-oxidation effects. The raw materials may be more expensive, but effect is the deciding factor, not cost.

The second pillar of AG is inspiration from fashion. When designing products, AG takes stylist opinions and experiences very seriously, devoting time to attend fashion and hair shows to better develop products that work for customers exactly the way they want them.

The third and final pillar is giving back. People often wonder why AG is so focused on education for girls in Africa, and the answer is that it’s personal. Co-Founder Lotte Davis was actually born in South Africa and grew up during the Apartheid era before immigrating to Canada. Injustice was something she saw in every day, and after the success of her business, she vowed to make a difference in the lives of African girls, giving them a chance to change their futures. She visits every year to check on school construction and to provide workshops. For every bottle sold, AG donates to the “One Girl Can” charity, and they will continue doing so for as long as possible.

Inspired by nature, art, and technology. In touch with modern trends and believing in giving back – this is AG. At Happyhair, we’re truly lucky to have some of the best products available to recommend to customers, while making a difference in the world at the same time.